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Close The Gap

Do you know what you need to do to play better golf? Janice plays golf at least two times a month and is a 17 handicap. Sure, I do, she answered. Most golfers and business professionals I know have an idea of what they need to do to perform at the top of their game or be more productive on the job.
The real challenge for many is closing the gap between what we know and what we actually DO.
We are faced with a real personal challenge because we want to answer the question: what prevents me from breaking through and playing up to my potential? This question is appropriate whether you play professionally or are an amateur because we all face the one true challenge which is: overcoming ourselves. It doesnt matter what your current skill or handicap is; we all have a gap between where we are and where we want to be. The gap is not a bad place when you look at it with the proper eyes. The gap can provide you with valuable information for your own growth and improvement when used wisely.
Here are some questions that may help you identify your gap more clearly.
#1 Do my results reflect the time and effort I put in?

At least 95% of my clients answer this question with a resounding, NO. They work hard, read books, take lessons and so on yet believe they can and should be playing better; so why arent they?
#2 Is what Im doing getting me what I want?
This is linked to the question above. I know highly skilled players who want to improve and be more consistent yet refuse to see that what they are currently doing is not getting them what they want. As a result, they continue doing the same thing. This question squares you up to face the truth. Almost everyone has the desire to improve but not everyone does the things that will get them there; or they try different things and end up doing what theyve always done and manage to get the same results they always have. What we are doing is either effective or ineffective and those willing to acknowledge this begin to take more effective action.
#3 Am I looking in the right place for the answers?
Where do you look? Do you read books, buy tapes or take lessons? All of these are very beneficial and provide you with more information that can help you improve. However, its been my experience that when we learn to look within; we can go to what I call the source. The source includes the Laws and Principles that govern all Human Performance and when we learn to look there; we can begin to make real shifts. Great performers understand the importance of the inner arena and its impact on performance at all levels.
Think about your own gap between what you know and what you do. How can you begin to get closer to your true talent?

If you have any questions about the FlowZone approach and how it can help your game, please call me direct at 847.681.1698.
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