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Emotional Weatherproofing

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If you watched the PGA tournament this past week you noticed that the weather conditions were difficult to say the least. Four straight days of 100 degree temperatures with an even higher heat index caused players to fatigue physically and emotionally during the competitive event.
Even more than physical fatigue; the importance of emotional fatigue is not to be ignored. Of course, the mind, body and emotions are all connected and when one area breaks down it leads to a breakdown in other areas. This is why I like to focus on the laws and insights by which the mind, body and emotions produce outcomes. In addition, many people underestimate the power and effect emotions have on performance. Even those who believe that showing emotion is bad are still being affected by emotion. Even if a player prefers to put on the face of indifference; emotion is still an important internal factor that triggers what they do. The Institute of Heart Math, located in California has researched the importance of the impact of emotion and intellect on the human body. They suggest that emotional impact on the body is up to 40% stronger than the impact of the intellect. In other words; the intellect is no match for intense emotions.
You probably know this from your own experience. Reflect back on a time where you were extremely angry or frustrated. Almost all of us have had this experience at one time or another. When you were intensely angry or frustrated were you able to talk yourself out of it? More than 85% percent of you will answer, No.
The reason trying to reason with yourself is not very effective at that moment is because of the incredible power emotions have on the body. Emotions create very strong chemical reactions in the body and when the emotion is intense enough; the intellect has very little affect on it. Its really no match. Its like taking a pea shooter to a gun fight; the gun wins!
This is why emotional weatherproofing is so important no matter what the conditions are. Here are some suggestions to help improve your weatherproofing:
1. Deep Breaths
Breathing properly is the fastest way to bring emotions into a flow that is more productive. It is almost impossible to breathe deeply and slowly and be angry and frustrated at the same time.
2. Emotional Intensity Meter
Rate your emotional intensity from 1 (low) to 10 (highly intense) so you have a reference point. When you notice your emotions becoming too high you can use the emotional meter reference points to help bring them back down to a level that is more effective for you and your game.
3. Own Up!
Your emotions are yours! You may want to blame others or the situations that trigger your emotions but you are the only one who feels your emotions so own up to them. You are responsible for your feelings; nobody else is. Playing the blame game will only weaken you; not strengthen you.
To Your Best Golf!
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