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How to Lower Your ScoresNow

Do you want to lower your scores? Silly question isnt it? Everyone wants to lower his or her scores. High handicappers and low handicappers alike want to shoot lower scores and its the lifelong quest golfers search for. The search goes on to develop the ideal swing and lower scores.
Below are 3 Keys to shooting lower scores and they are keys you can use to shoot lower scores NOW! Here are the 3 Keys:
KEY # 1

The first way to lower your scores is to be honest with yourself. You need to know your game; wherever it is right now; you need to know what clubs to hit and when. There is no point in using what other golfers are using. If they hit an 8-iron from 155 and you should hit a 6hit the 6-iron. More scores balloon because players are playing what I call EGO Golf instead of Scoring Golf. If you want to score well, you must put yourself into the best position to do that. Hitting an 8-iron because someone else is doing it wont get you what you want.
You will lower your scores when you begin playing the BEST shot instead of the shot you want to hit. Hitting the shot you want to hit is not always the BEST shot to hit at the time. Play the percentages. Play the correct shot even if you want to go for the risky or low percentage shot. Take a look at how many times playing the shot YOU wanted to hit has gotten you in trouble. Each time it has, youve added strokes to your round. Play the shot that needs to be played in every situation, not the one you want to play.
If you dont have the distance then lay-up and take a bogey if thats what it means. How many times have you gone for it only to add 2 or more strokes to the hole?
You must play the game you know how to play and play within that game. Take an honest look at how far you hit each club right now. As you improve your game, this will change but you must play the game you have RIGHT NOW!
KEY # 2

Simplify your round of golf. Each hole is presenting you with the exact information you need to make the right choicesfor your game! The architect has laid out all the obstructions for you so you know exactly where NOT to go and where TO go. Focus on WHERE TO go.. Simplify your round by thinking simple. Fairways and greens is such a simple idea that players tend to either forget it or get TOO caught up in it trying to be too perfect.
Simplify your round by thinking fairways and greens. It doesnt matter whether you are a 30, 15 or 5 handicap. Hit the shots you are capable of hitting and no more! When you try to outwit or outplay the course or other golfers, you will get into trouble. How can you simplify your round? Easy. Focus on process versus outcome. Process thinking is focusing on what you have 100 control over; at all times. Focus on your routines, your breathing, your pace between shots, visualization, rhythm and balance in your set up and swing. You have complete control over ALL of these things. You dont have control over things like conditions, course layout, playing partners attitudes, score or any other outcome or result type of thought.
Youll find that when you focused on outcomes in the past, you probably didnt play as well and your scores reflected that. Keep it simple. Focus ONLY on what you have control over. These are PROCESS THOUGHTS.
KEY # 3

It seems that many golfers dont spend time on their short game skills. They might go to the driving range and get a bucket of balls, go to a hitting stall and put the driver and other irons in their hands and hit away! Where do your shots tend to add up over a round? Take a close look and you might find that its the chipping, pitching and putting. Imagine what your scores would be like if you learned to chip and pitch the ball closer to the hole? You can lower your scores by taking the time to practice chipping and pitching the ball closer to the hole. The more you do it, the more confidence you gain as well. In addition, your putting can improve because of the confidence gained by getting closer to the hole more often. Great players spend a lot of time on this part of their game because they understand that this is where their strokes can add up.
There are professional golfers on the developmental tours who still dont work on their weaknesses in practice and it costs them dearly when they compete. While the long ball looks beautiful, its the short ball that brings the numbers down on your scorecard.
You can lower your scores by acting on these 3 Keys right away. Good Luck!
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