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Infinite Golf Insight The Skill of DIS-engagement

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Infinite Golf Insight: The Skill of DIS-engagement
Did you know its just as important to DIS-engage as it is to ENgage?

The phrase fully engaged has become popular in the business community and it is often referred to when rating the level of being fully present during the work day and giving all of your focus and attention to the task. Being fully engaged is very important and there are many studies that indicate that a high percentage of people at work are disengaged for a variety of reasons such as stress, ineffective leadership, poor processes, poor communication, lack of acknowledgement, high workloads and so on. The effects of being disengaged at work are under achievement, lack of motivation and a host of other performance related issues. While it is very important to be fully engaged it is also important to learn how to become fully DISengaged as well. To be disengaged is not a sign of negativity.
The word disengage means:
To separate one thing from another thing and free from an entanglement
One of the skills taught in the Infinite Golf program helps students learn how to disengage properly. To be disengaged does NOT mean to be withdrawn, aloof or under perform. It means that you have the confidence and skill to separate yourself from negativity and from people and situations that can sabotage you, so you are able to be free to make better choices and raise the level of your game.
Many of the best players in the world understand that learning how to fully disengage is as important as learning how to be fully engaged. You probably know from experience that being too high or too low after a particular outcome can equally sabotage your game if you dont properly disengage from it. The skill of disengagement benefits you in several positive ways. You can:
Remain emotionally calm and centered
Focus in the present moment more easily
Keep the past where it belongs; in the past
Keep the future where it belongs; stop projecting the what ifs

The power of DISengagement is all about your ability to easily recover from any adverse situation and stay in the present moment. On the golf course, your ability to disengage between shots will help you RE-engage your mind, body, emotions and spirit more fully when it comes time to focus on the next shot.
When you learn how to both fully engage and then fully disengage, you have the power to prepare properly and the wisdom and skill to then let it all go. This is the key to the freedom to play your best.
To Your Best Golf!
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