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Intensity Levels

Positive thinking is better than negative thinking, right?
Terry is a 10 handicap who contacted me last year. He loves the game of golf and is an avid reader, golf channel viewer and he spends a lot of time with a PGA professional. He also spends time working on his game at the practice range. One day, after a poor round, Terry called me and said that he was disappointed in himself for not shooting the scores he believed he was capable of making. He felt his performance on the golf course did not match the time/effort and money he invested in his game and it bothered him. He liked his teaching pro and felt the instruction was solid and helpful but at the same timehe felt he was still not playing up to the standard he truly believed he was capable of at that point. Truth is, 85% of the golfers I talk to state that they believe they could shoot lower scores and are frustrated that they are not.
Terry is a positive person but he couldnt understand why his positivity wasnt helping him perform better. Then I asked him one simple question:
What do you react to with greater intensitysomething you do well or something you dont do well on the golf course?
Terry looked confused. What do you mean? he asked. I mean that I know you try to be a positive person on the golf course. Butwhen negativity comes up for youis it a more intense feeling or a less intense feeling than the positive? Terry thought for a moment and said, Honestly, I react more intensely to negative things.
Think about it for a moment. Are your negative reactions more intense than the celebrations of your positive moments? Do you even acknowledge your positive moments?
Eighty five percent of the golfers I speak to say they respond with greater intensity, self-criticism and self-judgment to their poor shots, poor decisions, missed opportunities and when they perform beneath their capabilities. In other words, it bothers them more! Even though they are positive people, they react with greater intensity (emotion) by demonstrating poor self-talk, criticism and self-judgment when things dont go their way.
Put the same energy behind your positive moments and see what happens!
To Your Best Golf!
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