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Logical Errors

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Many golfers pride themselves on the ability to use their strong logical thinking to make good decisions, resolve problems and overall manage the golf course well.
Michael, a 13 handicap takes pride in his ability to analyze and use his intelligence during a round of golf. Sure, I think using my analytical skills is a real strength of mine he says. But still, I leave too many shots on the golf course and something is missing and Im not sure what it is. I know I can shoot lower scores than my 13 handicap indicates.
I hear similar comments from most golfers I talk to.
Ive done some not so smart things on the course and I dont know why I keep doing them. In fact, I waited for quite a long time before I called you because I was iffy about all this mental game stuff he continued.
Michael, like many others made what I call a logical error. Whats a logical error? Its what happens when we use our logical mind to make decisions even though the choices we make dont get us what we want.
Heres an example some logical errors I hear every day about why people dont pursue mental game work:
I read books instead Its too confusing It costs too much Its only for serious golfers
When golfers think about working on their mental game, what do they often do? They might read some books or articles and be temporarily influenced to play better golf. Makes sense right? It seems logical to take that step but when I ask these same golfers if their results have changed for the better over any length of time they respond, Not really, yet they continue to take the logical approach with little or sporadic results. The FlowZone Golf program has removed confusion, high costs and the notion that its only for serious golfersits for everyone so none of these make any real logical sense.
On the golf course logical errors take place when we think things like:
I expect to play well today because I did yesterday
How many times have you had a good round and followed it up with a round you werent very happy with? The logical error takes place when we make the logical assumption that because we played well one day that we should do it again. Once again this makes logical sense but in reality it makes little sense at all.
I dont think I can maintain this level of play
How many times have you found yourself playing well and all of a sudden you realized how well you were playing and then things went steadily downhill? I call this thought a logical error as well because to the golfer it makes perfect sense to think, I cant maintain this. After all, this has happened consistently in the past so logic would say it makes sense, right? Wrong! It actually makes no sense at all because youre playing golf right now; youre not playing two weeks ago.
Logical errors are subtle and can throw you off your game very quickly.
How do your logical errors prevent you from developing your game and being your best? Dont let them prevent you from reaching your potential.

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