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Mental Game Insights

Mental Game Insights
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Everyone admits it is an important part of their game yet it remains a confusing and frustrating arena. What is it? Its what most people call a Mental game.
It is always interesting to hear many different people talk about the mental game, why its important and what it means to them.
Heres what a recent client wrote:
I didn't know the mental game existed, at least, not in the form David talks about. I thought it was another check list of things to remember and do; draw a line to the target, picture the shot, relax, breath, remember mom's apple pie, etc. I wonder how many years I wasted on lessons that never broached this subject. How many hundreds and thousands of dollars on new clubs and books and videos that never got around to the one part of the game you cant see, and what may turn out to be the most important of all. On top of that almost nothing in the golf world really works for more than a few days. I don't know if you realize this but your material is the only thing that has made a lasting improvement that I can 'count' onthis process reduced my scores from an average of 81 to an average of 70!!!... and most importantly; it sticks, it continues to work and there is simply nothing else in golf to compare it to. -J.F.
The majority I speak to tell me that, for them, the mental game is something based on the psychology of sports or performance because this is what theyve been taught. Psychological research shows us that there are definite and consistent attributes that top performers have in common. These are the common traits you see in most books and articles such as confidence, present time focus, enjoyment, handling adversity, optimism and clear decision making and so on.
These are all great traits for sure and anyone who demonstrates them will be successful in any arena. This was true 100 years ago and it will be true 100 years from now.
Have you ever thought, If I could only get out of my own way, Id be better? Cmon, tell the truth. Ive thought it and everyone I know has thought this at some time or another. The truth is; if you DID get out of your own way you WOULD BE BETTER!
The important question is: whats the most effective way to make that happen? By the time most of my clients contact me theyve tried all the traditional methods with sporadic results. Theyve spent good money on books, cds, magazines and even on personal coaching with a sports psychologist or performance coach. They remain perplexed as to why they still dont perform as well as they believe they can for longer than a week or two.
Here are some of the frustrations theyve expressed to me:
1.I use quick-fix tips because thats what I always read or hear about. The problem is the affect is temporary because they dont last.
2.Theres so much information that its difficult to apply and remember.
3.The books I read tell me what to do, like be positive and confident, but not how to do it on a regular basis.
Do any of these sound familiar to you?
Here are some insights I tell my clients about the Mental Game. See if they match with yours or are different:
1.The mental game is not part of your game. It IS your game; and I can prove it.
2.Quick fixes are designed to be temporary solutions; why do you think theyre called quick-fixes?
3.It all begins within. When you look inside first; you go directly to the source. Its not about adding more information, its about getting out of your own way so the player you can be is allowed to surface.
4.You produce outcomes via a set of very precise and predictable laws. All of us are outcome producers.
5.Your game is under the influence of these laws right now. It always has been and it always will be.
6.The laws are simple, direct, easily provable and undeniable.
7.When you apply them; all the great traits you read about so often will show up as a natural byproduct.
8.You can rely on the laws to produce outcomes today, tomorrow, next month and next year or ten years from now.
I receive many emails and phone calls from golfers who describe their particular frustrations on the golf course. In every case they are describing situations in which they are in their own way but they dont know why.
Whats your view of the Mental game?
To Your Best Golf!
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