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Perspective is a key ingredient to raise the level of play for every performer, every day and in every situation.
Chip Beck, who now plays on the Champions Tour is a master at maintaining perspective. He is often considered by others to be the most positive person on tour. Chip is a very positive person and many people are familiar with the journey hes taken to get to the point he is now. During the past eight years, he had every reason to quit the game but his perspective allowed him to persevere and continue on.
During this time he suffered through every golfers worst nightmare, he lost the feel for his golf swing. This resulted in him playing poorly, missing cuts and looking for answers from different swing coaches and sports psychologists. No matter what he did and whether he saw results or nothe maintained a certain perspective that kept him moving forwardeven through the worst of times.
Today, Chip is experiencing a re-birth of sorts on the Champions Tour. Hes competing at the highest level once again and his perspective continues to be a positive one.
Recently, Ernie Els provided us all with a moment of perspective. After triple bogeying the final hole of the Alfred Dunhill Championship to lose by one stroke, Ernie said, 'Yesterday is about the most disappointed I've ever felt walking off a golf course, I was gutted.
Then he went on to say,
But let's keep things in proportion, this is sport. It's not like anyone died out there. I just have to take it on the chin and move on.'
This is a statement of perspective. Results and outcomes can be very disappointing, even gutting as Ernie says above but perspective is what allows us to keep things in their proper place.
Whats your perspective on your game, when things dont go your way and when you perform below your abilities? A great perspective can help you:
Turn disappointment into positive action
See the bigger picture
See that one moment or one event does not define you
Continue to move forward and eventually find what works for you
Make the best decisions for your improvement and your game

Whats your perspective?
To Your Best Golf!
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