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Todays article
When it comes to making changes and choices many people ask me the best way to go about it. Through experience Ive found there are 3 types of people when it comes to making choices and taking action. They are:
1. The information gatherer
This person keeps choosing to gather more information rather than make a decision to take action (this is a real common one!).
2. The general procrastinator
This person keeps putting decisions off. We can find all sorts of rationalizations and excuses but they all keep us from taking any action. Fear is often the great motivator for us here.
3. The decision maker and action taker
This person gathers the appropriate information and makes a decision, and takes action on it without fear or reservation.
Making a decision and taking action toward it is the most challenging of the three. History shows us that this step is the most difficult one to make. Self-help publishers know it and I see it on a regular basis. It is certainly easier to find reasons and rationalizations for not making a decision or taking action and we all have the experience to prove how true this is.
Frank, a 12 handicap continues to be frustrated by his game. When he called, he expressed this frustration to me over the phone. Do you truly believe you can play better? I asked. Yes, I do he replied. What do you think is stopping you? I asked. I dont know. I read everything I can get a hold of he said. Frank, 90% of my clients tell me the same thing and theyre having the same frustrations you are. Why? he asked. Because they havent truly made the decision to take action on their own behalf I told him.
This surprised him because he thought he had made a decision but he had not. He made a decision to read about improving his game rather than directly take action on it in the best way he could.
I asked Frank to do the following exercise. Its useful for golf and anything else outside of golf. Its called the Someday, Yeah but list. You may want to try it as well. Heres how it works.
  1. Write down 5 things you want to be, do or have someday as it relates to your golf. (break 80, have more fun, be less stressed, work with a swing coach, mental game coach, take a golf vacation, etc.)

  3. For each of the 5 items, write down your Yeah buts. These are your current so called reasons, excuses, stories and rationalizations as to why you dont have the item on your list. Begin your responses with Yeah but (I dont know how, not sure I can do it, dont have the time, money, mental game work is confusing, strange, etc.)

  5. When youre finished take a close look at your Yeah But list and notice how much of it really doesnt hold water. Quite often youll discover that much of it is made up of stories youve been telling yourself for a long time that simply arent true.

  7. This is the most challenging step. Now, if the item on your Someday list is something you really want, youll find yourself in position to actually make a choice to do something about it. Now, the question is, which will it be. Will you be the information gatherer, the procrastinator or the action taker? As always, you get to choose!

What will you do, be or have someday?
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