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Stop Throwing Away Shots

When you look back at a round of golf, do you feel you could have shot a lower score if only you didnt throw away some shots? Do you add numbers to your scorecard because emotional upset causes you to make poor decisions or throw you off your game?
Golfers can make a scorecard balloon for any number of reasons; poor decisions, negative thinking, fear, emotional upset, perfectionism, tension and so on. All of these cause us to throw away shots that we would love to have back after the round is over!
Throwing away shots on the golf course can affect:
  • Your overall score
  • Your confidence in yourself and your game

  • Your ability to play consistent golf
Throwing away shots causes frustration and is the focus of many a conversation after a round of golf. They usually begin with, If only I .
You want to leave the golf course with no regrets. This doesnt mean that everything will go your way or that you will do everything perfectly. It does mean that you were aware enough to make the right choices at the right moment and that you didnt allow a train wreck or the wheels to fall off during your round.
Here are some ideas to consider that can help you stop throwing away shots during your round.
1. See each shot as a separate entity
Each shot is a brand new opportunity to do something great. No matter what happened on the shot before, the next shot has a beginning, middle and end all its own. When negativity is brought forward from a previous shot it leaks its way into the current shot and may cause you to perform less than your best
2. Hit the smart shot vs. the shot you want to hit
We sometimes throw away golf shots because we go for the shot that is not the best or most appropriate shot for the situation. Ask yourself, What is the wisest shot for me to hit in this situation? Your answer will reveal what it is. Trust it and hit that shot. When we go for shots that are not appropriate to the situation we can trigger a series of poor shots that make the scorecard blow up!
3. Use the right club for you
We throw away shots when we choose clubs based on comparisons to other golfers or an unrealistic view of ourselves. If your 4-iron gets you the same distance that a 6-iron gets someone else, stick with your 4-iron. When we under club we throw away shots. By under clubbing we may try too hard causing us to lose rhythm and timing. Even if we hit it pure we may wind up landing short because thats how far we hit that club. Either way, we may wind up throwing away a shot and hitting another shot anyway.
As you begin your golf season pay attention to how and when you throw away shots on the course!
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