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Turn Your Resolution Into Resolve

Its that time of year again! Its the time when many of us take time to reflect and remember what we are grateful for in our lives. Its also a time to create resolutions that lift us to a higher level of life and performance.
What about you? What will you resolve to do, be or have this year?
What are you going to do to unleash your true talents on the golf course this year? Are you finally going to take the lessons youve been putting off? Will you resolve to develop your mental game once and for all and put an end to self-sabotage? Will you break 100, 90 or 80 or follow your dream to turn pro or win tournaments? What personal resolutions will you declare this year? Do you want to lose weight, stop smoking, earn more money have more quality time with family?
Whatever your resolutions why not truly use this time to reflect and take action on your own behalf. New Years resolutions are notorious for being forgotten within a few weeks. Many people begin with great intention only to have the original excitement dwindle down over time. Its then that the resolution slips into the wait till next year pile. If this has ever been you, you dont have to let that happen this year. Here are five keys to turn resolution into resolve.
1. For each resolution you have, write down the impact it will have on you when you realize it.
A resolution becomes a resolve when emotion is involved. Emotion is the catalyst for action and a great idea remains merely a great idea without emotional backing. Why do you want to be, do or have this thing? Make it real. Give it life and write down the impact it will have on you emotionally, physically, mentally and spiritually (meaning passion, energy, purpose, desire, etc.).
2. Set resolutions that make sense to you and that you really want.
Make sure your resolutions are truly yours and not what someone else wants for you. If you dont own them you wont follow through with them.
3. Take the resolution off the paper and into your life.
A resolution is nothing more than an idea on paper. If thats where it stays then it has not become a resolve. Take it off the paper immediately by identifying 3 action steps that you will DO TODAY. Just DO one and see what happens. Your resolution can turn into resolve just that quick!
4. Journal your efforts and the journey.
This is an important key. Keep track of your progress and identify whats working and whats not! Simple right? Yet most people do not do this. As soon as they bump up against an obstacle, they either work too hard trying to overcome it causing stress and strain or find ways to stop the bleeding altogetherand quit.

5. Make it personal.
Take your resolution personally. Begin to see this as a statement youre making about yourself. You deserve it so why not follow through on it? Keep it personal because it DOES have meaning to you and it DOES matter. Even if youre used to losing steam along the wayit doesnt mean you dont care. It simply means youve allowed old habits to become barriers. The truth is, you still care so take advantage of those moments and KEEP GOING!
I wish you all a wonderful holiday season and a terrific season of golf in 2004. Make this your breakout year no matter what level player you are right now. Turn your resolutions into resolve!
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