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A Walking Set of Traits

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And now todays article
Youre not alone. Every golfer I speak to criticizes themselves about some aspect of their game. In fact, its quite common.
Stacy is a 16 handicap who said, There is so much wrong in my game. I know Im not the best ball striker and Im working on that but there are so many other things. Like what? I asked. I dont enjoy myself as much as I should, my focus wanders and Im definitely not as confident as I want to be. Ok, I said. I thought she was finished but she wasnt. I know I have negative thoughts and Ive been trying to get rid of them but it hasnt worked that well. I also know I dont trust myself enough and I try too hard and Ive been working on that too.
As I was listening I couldnt help but think that she sounded like a human peak performance trait list. She basically listed all the key traits shed read about over the years and was trying to work on each one of themone at a time and it was difficult.
A Return to the Source
Stacy fell into the trap that many clients describe to me. They end up trying any number of tips, theories and strategies to improve the traits they believe are important and hopefully their outcomes on the golf course. Its the approach that most people seem to know about. While it seems to make logical sense; it simply is not the most effective route to take. In last weeks article titled Why Intelligent People Under Perform, I wrote about the source and why its so effective in causing real change rather than what I call cut and paste change that so many attempt. The goal of being a better player is great I told her. But the idea that applying some external tip or strategy for each trait will do it for you is your mistake.
The source resides within you. The laws by which this source produces outcomes reside within you as well. That sounds kind of strange she said. Its actually not strange at all. Dont let the words fool you. The truth is; everything begins from within you. Its just that most people find it easier to focus on external ideas because it takes the focus off of themselves. So, they use books and other avenues and they think those hold the answers when they dont. The laws are quite simple; simpler than most people think. There is nothing about them that is unclear or hard to figure out. I find that people are starving for something that will create a more lasting change.You can put an end to the frustration if you want to.
Try this exercise: Do the following 2 steps and answer the questions that follow.
Step 1: Write down a list of all the parts of your game you criticize yourself about.
Step 2: Write down all the things youve done to improve them (if anything!).
  • Do you look at each part and try to improve it? (i.e. confidence, focus, enjoyment or any of the other common traits of a champion)
  • Are your results sporadic?
  • When your results dont meet your expectations do you look for new tips, strategies, etc. and go through this cycle again?
  • Do the words source and law cause doubt or resistance in you?

If I could only get out of my own way is the most common phrase I hear from golfers at every level. This is an accurate phrase and it reflects the truth. When you do get out of your way you will unleash the player that exists INSIDE. The source is what allows this to happen. The most important question is; how will you choose to go about that?
To Your Best Golf!
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