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The Way of No Mind

No Mind is the way of the warrior, the samurai and the gateway to playing golf in the FlowZone. In the recent movie titled The Last Samurai, Tom Cruise plays a United States Colonel hired by the Japanese to train the emperors armies for battle. During a fierce hand-to-hand fight with the Samurai forces, Cruise is captured. During his capture he becomes fascinated by the discipline and commitment the Samurai have to their art and to life. They have mastered the way of the sword and of the battle and he is interested in learning both.
The Samurai are only too glad to have him in the circle to learn the way of the sword. He begins his practice by using sticks as weapons. At first, he is no match for the trained Samurai who is clearly more adept with the stick, more focused, more open and more aware of his every move to counteract it with speed and grace.
During one training session Cruise is continually knocked down despite his efforts to try, try and try again. Lying on the ground in pain after more repeated blows to his body, a local whom he has befriended whispers in his ear in broken English no mind, mind. At first Cruise is surprised and confused by this bit of advice and forces himself to his feet to step back in the circle only to be thrashed again by his opponent. The local, in broken English leans over Cruise's battered body and with enthusiasm says no mind, fight with no mind. It is then that Cruise begins to understand what the local is trying to say to him. He steps back into the circle, staring his opponent in the eye and mutters to himself no mind as his opponent attacks with precision and swiftness. In that moment, Cruise is able to get out of his mind and into his body as it became quick, strong, highly aware and powerful in both defense and attack of his opponent.
What does this story have to do with golf? Everything. If youve read articles and books about the game of golf, no doubt youve read that one of the keys to playing better golf is getting out of your own way. No mind is completely about getting out of your own way.
I help players develop their ability to gain entrance into The FlowZone. This is place within you where you perform at full capacity in any environment. The way of no mind is the way of the great samurai and it is the way of the great golfer. It is the essence of the FlowZone and unleashes your natural capacity to perform your best.
The No Mind experience on the golf course helps you achieve:
  1. Complete trust and faith in your ability to execute the golf swing - - no matter what level you are right now; thinking through the swing does not create a smooth or powerful swing.

  3. Reduction in distracting thoughts - - a stillness in your mind in which intruding thoughts and other obstructions no longer interfere with your energy flow.
  4. Intense Awareness - - You senses become finely tuned and highly aware allowing you to pick up on both internal and external information crucial to your success.

  6. Relaxed Intensity - - This is the phrase I use to describe the perfect level of both emotional intensity and physical relaxation to get the job done. No excess tightening of muscles or intense emotion that obstructs your energy flow. Its different for everyone and when you find ityou know it!

  8. Power and Grace - - The state of no mind taps into your natural abilities for power and grace under pressure. When energy flows without obstruction you swing with more power and grace with increased fluidity and rhythm.

  10. Flash Resilience - - Your ability to recover in a flash is increased when in no mind mode. The mind and body quickly assess and become resilient to changing conditions and outcomes. You control yourself instead of letting events and outcomes control you.

Reflect back on your personal best rounds of golf. Was your mind cluttered with distracting thoughts or was it closer to the no mind experience? Which would you choose?
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