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Why Intelligent People Under Perform

High level performance has little to do with IQ.
Its hard to figure out why I still dont play as well as I know I can Shellie says.
Shellie is a 13 handicap who not only loves golf but is also a high level project manager at her job. She handles difficult deadlines, projects and people with great savvy. She is an intelligent person in many ways yet becomes frustrated when she cant figure out why she under performs on the golf course.
Performing at the top of your game has little to do with your intelligence level.
Ken is an aspiring PGA Tour golfer and is currently a professional on the mini tour circuit. According to his coaches hes got the talent to make it. Hes intelligent and yet he under performs. Ive worked with Sports Psychologists and have read many of the books on the market he says. And whats happened? I asked. Well, Im still under performing Ken answered. My improvement was kind of on and off and sporadic. Im a smart guy and I cant figure out why this is happening and when I try to figure it out; it seems things get worse he continued.
Performing at the top of your game has little to do with your intelligence level.
Imagine coming home to discover that your television wont turn on so you try to fix it with no luck. Then you walk into the kitchen and find your refrigerator isnt working. You then attempt to fix that with no luck either. Exasperated, you walk upstairs and discover your clock-radio isnt working so you attempt to fix that will no success.
Why would you try to fix all of these items individually when it is much easier to go directly to the source of the problem? In this case, the source is the fuse box. Flip the switch back to the on position and all the items function in top form once again.
I tried to make myself better at all the traits that make up a peak performer. Thats the only way I was taught to do it. Ken said. Ken, like many others made what I call an Intelligent Error. Of course, it makes logical sense that one should try to improve on all the traits that every book talks about and this is the approach that many models use. Wellthats not necessarily the most effective road to take in my opinion. Why? Because, just like the fuse box is the source for returning the items mentioned above to top working condition; your performance is also driven from a source which puts you in position to perform your best more often. The source is the Laws of Human Performance and Potential.
Here are the key attributes of this source:

  • The Laws are undeniable, precise and predictable in the outcomes they produce

  • They function the same for everyonethere are NO exceptions

  • They function regardless of your age, gender, personality type or skill level

  • They function regardless of my or your opinion of them

  • They function no matter what theory, philosophy or model we believe in

  • They are easily proven

  • They are functioning to produce outcomes in your game right now and always will

  • They have nothing to do with intelligence levels

Are you making intelligent errors or going to the source?
To Your Best Golf!
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