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The X Factor On and off the Golf Course

Im often asked by people in business if the insights, principles and tools in the FlowZone program can be used to help people be more successful and productive on the job. The answer is: YES.
Many organizations offer training programs for their employees that focus on topics such as leadership, change management, communication and stress management. In The FlowZone approach we focus on the laws and principles that affect how you perform and that improve how people think, feel and produce outcomes. As a result; leaders become better leaders, people work with change and adversity more effectively and become more clear communicators.
People in business perform every day. Like athletes, they are challenged by both externally based environmental issues (policies, procedures, negativity and difficult people, etc.) and internal factors (confidence, attitudes, perceptions, etc.). Performing well on the job can be improved by the same insights and laws that help people play better golf. Im not talking about the same traits; Im talking about the same laws and principles.
The X Factor
Beyond technical skill and knowledge there is another aspect of performance that is even more responsible for your outcomes. Michael Jordan and Tiger Woods both stated that their inner game opened the gateway for them to demonstrate their best. They understood how much the inner game influenced the outer game and that it all begins within. They understood that talent alone takes you only so fareven great talent; yet many people continue to leave this arena untapped for themselves.
There are talented people who dont perform up to their potential in many walks of life. How many people with talent do you know who dont perform up to their potential? There are many stories of people with great skill and ability who dont fulfill it for a variety or reasons, excuses, fears and so on. However, none of these alter the fact that we are all under the influence of precise and predictable laws and principles that influence what we think, feel and do; and there are no exceptions!
Talent is only part of the equation. Everyone on the PGA or LPGA tour is talented. What separates them? Most would agree: its the X Factor.
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