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You Have Met the Enemy and it is YOU

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Todays article
Have you ever thought, If I could only get out of my own way; Id play better? Based on what clients have said over the years, 90% of you will say yes. Id like you to know that youre not alone, you have plenty of company. Almost every golfer Ive ever spoken to has either said or thought the very same thing.
If you have thought something like this, I have good news and bad news for you. The bad news is; youre right. The good news is; YOURE RIGHT and you can do something about it!
The truth is; if you did get out of your own way you would play better golf.
The problem is; in an attempt to get out of our own way we often end up getting in our own way even more; not less.
Do you know how you get in your own way? Here are some of the most common ways clients have answered this question:
  • I get too negative

  • Im too tense over the ball

  • I try too hard

  • I like to be perfect so I feel additional pressure

  • I make poor choices on club and shot selection

  • I make excuses but I know I can play better

  • I react too strongly to one bad shot

  • I let other golfers get to me

  • I let my competitiveness get in the way sometimes

  • I keep trying methods and approaches that dont really work for mebut I keep trying

Any of these look familiar?
You can begin to take steps to get out of your own way by first:
  • Coming to realize that your outcomes are based on your inner game capabilities and it will always be that way

  • Learning that relaxing your muscles actually provides you with more power, rhythm and consistency in your game

  • Realizing that the player you want to be and the confidence, trust and optimism you desire are already waiting inside you to be released

You see, if you ever thought something like, If I could only get out of my own way then there must be a part of you that already knows that youre the one blocking your potential. You wouldnt be thinking something like this if it wasnt true. There is a part within all of us that recognizes this truth. It is the part of us that keeps us coming back for more so listen to it!
When you allow yourself to release the better performer lurking inside you will see a difference!
To Your Best Golf!
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