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Your Peak Potential Finite or Infinite

Your Peak Potential: Finite or Infinite?
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And now todays article
Most people I know have a desire to be their best. Even the amateur golfers I know want to play their best every year and they look to see improvement in their game. In this quest, they are always trying to reach their potential and some are willing to do almost anything to get there. Whether you believe youve reached your potential (95% say they havent) I firmly believe that we all have unlimited potential and that many of us place obstacles and roadblocks in our own way making the process more difficult than it needs to be.
Paul, an 18 handicap contacted me when he finally decided he was tired of playing poorly and blaming it on his mechanics. When I told him that his potential was unlimited it was met with, I dont know about that. I just want to play a little better! When I say that potential is unlimited, I mean that each of us can tap into a place already within us that allows us to produce our best. Being his best does not mean that Paul is going to make the cut at the Masters next year. It does mean that Paul can learn how to tap into that place within himself and be HIS best. When he does this he puts himself in position to lower his scores, play with more confidence and enjoyment and change the way he thinks aboutand plays the game forever!
Paul is a perfect example of someone who plays what I call the FINITE GAME. Most of my clients play the Finite Game at first. Some of the attributes of the Finite Game are:
Always focusing on and worrying about outcomes and results
Trying to perform up to some perfect image that creates more pressure
Trying too hard
Over thinking and over analyzing
Squeezing the fun out of the game
Harsh self-criticism and judgment
Struggling to hold on during a round (hold on to what?)

The end game of the Finite Game is eventually self-sabotage. If you experience any of the items above you may know from experience that the Finite Game leads to self-sabotage.
And what about the INFINITE GAME? Here are some of the attributes of the golfer who plays this game. They are:
A general sense of being in sync and a sense of well-being/calmness
An understanding that you are your own problem solver and that you already have
everything you need to do that
An unshakeable inner confidence
A reduction in the need to compare
An ability to see the bigger picture and therefore a reduction in the need to be caught up or overly attached to one moment or result
Complete trust in yourself
An ability to move through adversity with ease and grace
More true enjoyment, laughter and acceptance

The end game of the Infinite Game is self-awareness and a greater sense of acceptance. Clients, to their surprise discover that their awareness levels can rise by leaps and bounds and that it makes all the difference in the world! The Infinite Game player is in position to allow his or her potential to be realized with greater consistency because the blocks and obstacles that create self-sabotage are no longer in the way. It takes awareness of the simple factors that make up the inner game and their application to become an Infinite Game player and those who are willing to do so find it worth it.
Potential is not something you have to go and get. Its a matter of tapping into it because its already within you. So, if youre a 30 handicap or professional golfer, it really doesnt matter does it? You have the same ability to tap into your potential as anyone else does.
Which player are you? Are you the Finite Game player or the Infinite Game player? Which one do you want to be?
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