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Your Potential

Your Potential
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And now todays article
All of us have tremendous potential but most of us flirt on the edge of actually allowing ourselves to experience it. We marvel at people like Tiger Woods, Roger Federer or other icons in or out of the world of sports because they go inside to extract the best they have to offer.
Do you think you tap into your potential fully? Ninety percent of you will say, No. If so, what obstacles do you place in your way? In what ways do you prevent yourself from being your best now rather than later? When does someday actually arrive?
Ive worked with many different levels of golf from professional to amateur, men, women and juniors and everyone has the potential to be their best and so do you. Without realizing it though, they often delay their own success because of three common barriers.

See if any of these look familiar to you:
Fear of Success
People confuse a fear of failure with a fear of success. Ive found the fear of success to be the more common fear. After all, why would someone fear failure when theyve experienced it so often? In fact, they are quite comfortable with it. Its the fear of success and fulfilling their dream that is the key factor. This fear causes them to sabotage themselves in subtle ways leaving them frustrated and confused. This fear causes people to hesitate to try new things because they feel it wont work or it wont last.
I often say to clients, The approach I teach can help you change the way you think about and play golf forever! This seems a big claim however, the Laws of Human Performance I teach can be relied upon to produce outcomes today, tomorrow, next month and ten years from now. They always work and there are no exceptions.
Procrastination is the killer of potential. In fact, it leaves potential dangling out in the future only to be viewed from a distance. Procrastination stops us from doing what we know we should be doing. Procrastinators tend to think, I could have been or If I could only get out of my own way Procrastinators think about doing something and then fail to commit to a course of action on it.
Using the past to predict the present
I know many players who use their poor past experiences as their rationale for not taking action now or reaching their potential. They might have read books, tried to apply new theories or models with minimal success and think, I wasnt successful last time or It didnt work last time so it probably wont work this time. In essence, they use their past as the rationale for their present. What youve done in the past is not a reliable predictor for what you can do today or tomorrow.
These three obstacles are interrelated and often work in conjunction with each other to impact your results. Do you allow any of these to prevent you from reaching your potentialon or off the golf course?
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