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Your Receptivity Level

Your Receptivity Level
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And now todays article
How receptive are you to new insights or information that can help you truly improve your game? This is an important question because your receptivity level has everything to do with how quickly you turn poor performances into great performances.
Every golfer is different. Some golfers are very receptive to anything that will help them perform better and others are not. Over the years, Ive discovered there are 3 common levels of receptivity that golfers of all levels demonstrate whether they are professional or amateur; high handicap or low handicap.
The 3 receptivity levels are:
1.The Been There; Done That mindset
The mantra for this mindset is, What are you going to tell me I dont already know? This mindset tends to be closed to new insight and information because they assume theyve heard it all before. This mindset can be more stubborn and resist easily. Because of this; they are not very receptive to information and therefore do not use it in a way that helps their game really take off.
2.The Editor
The mantra for this mindset is, If I like what I hear Ill consider it; if not, I wont. The Editor might be the most common mindset because we are used to filtering what we hear and see. The problem with this mindset is that it is based on a set of preconceived notions that may or may not (which is most often the case) be true. If it fits our preconceived notion about things we might consider it to be acceptable. If it does not fit our preconceived notion about things we tend to dismiss it. The Editor is not a very receptive mindset either because it is only receptive to insight and information if it decides its worthy. The problem arises when the Editor makes snap judgments about whether something is worthy or not and as a result; may miss the real value and impact on their game.
3.The Beginners Mind
The mantra for this mindset is, Let me be honest about myself and see how this might be true for me and benefit me the most I first heard the phrase, Beginners Mind when reading material on Eastern Medicine and philosophies. It is a staple learning mindset in that culture for martial arts or any mind/body training. They teach this because a Beginners Mind is an open mind. It is also a receptive mind but it is not a door mat either. The Beginners Mind still questions and doubts but the real difference is; it questions to see how things CAN fit rather than why they WONT fit. This is a very important distinction to make between this mindset and the Been There; Done That and Editor levels of receptivity.
When working with any level client from pro to amateur, it is important to determine their level of receptivity. I know the first two on the list above will create a more difficult road for themselves while the Beginners Mind will allow that person to see changes and improvements more quickly.
What is your dominant mindset and level of receptivity? It is an interesting question to ask yourself both on and off the golf course!
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