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Your Toughest Opponent

Do you believe you perform up to your potential?
Is what youre doing helping you get what you want?
If not, why do you keep doing it?
When I ask clients the first question above; 90% say No. Most golfers are searching for ways to get an edge and lower their scores yet many dont find the results they want. The drive to be your best comes from within and its natural to feel that way. However, you may discover that your toughest opponent is not the golf course, the clubs, the weather or any other outside factor. Your toughest opponent is you.
Ben, a 16 handicap complained that he couldnt understand why he didnt play up to his talent level. I keep messing up and I spend a lot time reading books and searching for something that will help me break through, he said. Ben goes through what many people experience. Ben decided the answer to his performance issues would be found in some article, some book or some DVD. Youre looking in the wrong place I told him. What do you mean the wrong place? Where am I supposed to look? he asked. Well, youve tried your approach so hows it working for you? I asked Ben. He didnt want to admit it at first but he soon realized that what he was doing was not getting him what he wanted.
While the many tips he tried had a short term influence on his game, overall he was still under performing. Ok I said. The truth is; your toughest opponent will always be you. Youre limiting yourself because you havent realized that you produce outcomes and experiences through a set of very precise and predictable laws and principles. How you use your mind, body and emotions will dictate whether you tap into your talents or not. The Laws by which the mind, body and emotions function are what I call The Source, because these are the root cause factors and when you go to the source you discover the solutions to playing your best.
Think of any stories, documentaries or films that have meaning to you. Stories of personal triumph and success like the films Rudy or Hoosiers are perfect examples of people facing themselves in order to get what they want.
Here are some suggestions to see how you might be limiting yourself. Even though you may not know the laws and how they influence you right now, you can check yourself out by looking at:
What do you tend to say to yourself? What are the kinds of thought streams you have? What you say to yourself is very important because your words have a tremendous impact on performance
Create a Vision
While many athletes (and non athletes) know about visioning and imagery, many of them dont formally practice it. Visioning is one of your most powerful tools because when you create a vision you involve the whole body. Visioning sets the stage for action and change. Can you imagine yourself great? Try it and notice what happens in your body.
Take Action
To break your limitations it is important to take action every day. What do you do each day that takes you toward being great? Daily rituals and practice habits are ways to start acting great in order to be great. The real question is: are your actions getting you what you want?
You can begin by asking yourself the three questions posed at the beginning of this article:
  • Do you believe you perform up to your potential?

  • Is what youre doing helping you get what you want?

  • If not, why do you keep doing it?

Your toughest challenge will always be you.
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