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Adams a12 in winner's circle

Adams Idea
Getty Images

There is nothing like a tournament win to draw attention to a new product introduction, and Tom Watson’s victory at the Senior PGA Championship did just that for the Idea Pro a12 hybrid and forged iron line Adams Golf recently brought to market.

A self-proclaimed “old geezer,” Watson used those sticks to capture the 14th major championship of his career, and his sixth on the senior circuit. And that performance is no doubt inducing a slew of recreational players to take a closer look at that offering from the Plano, Tex., club maker. “If it is good enough for Old Tom,” they may well be saying, “then it’s good enough for me.”

According to Tim Reed, head of research and development at Adams Golf, the a12 line is the company’s next generation player’s product. The heads of the irons are made of forged 8620 carbon steel and boast not only a thin top line but also improved camber on the sole. Each head is triple-milled (on the face, grooves and cavity) for more exacting performance from club to club.

In addition, progressive heel-to-toe weighting is designed to combine with a precisely located, low center of gravity to add stability in the longer irons and more workability in the short irons and wedges. Progressive offsetting throughout the set, which ranges from 4-iron to GW, also enhances that control and workability.

The heads of the hybrids in the a12 line have an ultra-thin, maraging steel face and feature sleek, compact shaping and a PVD finish. Reed has also given the clubs a skid plate on the sole as well as a flush-mounted weight screw to reduce what equipment manufacturers call “turf interaction.” In other words, they cut more easily through the grass on which a golf ball is resting, whether fairway or rough.

At the same time, Adams has attempted to bolster a golfer’s ability to shape shots with those black beauties by scaling down the head sizes through the line, which is available in lofts from 16 to 26 degrees.

It will be interesting to see what Watson does with them next.