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Cobra goes long with Bio Cell, Bio Cell+ drivers

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SCOTTSDALE, AZ - FEBRUARY 05: Ryan Palmer acknowledges the crowd on the 16th hole during the second round of the Waste Management Phoenix Open at TPC Scottsdale on February 5, 2016 in Scottsdale, Arizona. (Photo by Christian Petersen/Getty Images)  - 

Cobra Golf is known for breaking the mold. Whether it's their flashy colors, advancements in technology or star power, they constantly push the envelope. And it starts from the top of their organization and trickels down.

"We're trying to bring our brand of game enjoyment to life. That's what we're trying to do everyday is help people enjoy the game, help people play better, and doing it with some swagger," said Cobra Puma Golf president Bob Philion at January's PGA Show in Orlando.

Well after testing out their Bio Cell drivers, I can officially say they have accomplished this goal and more. I found last year's Amp Cell clubs to be very long and very forgiving, so I approached this year's Bio Cells with more reserved expectations because they already have a great product - how much better could they possibly make it? But the new drivers blow last year's out of the water in every facet of the game.

The Bio Cell driver ($299, pictured above) doesn't look or feel too much different from past products like the Amp Cell. They still come in just about every color in the Crayola box and you still have the option with the brand new MyFly8 technology to adjust the face and launch angle between eight settings to get the perfect ball flight. But take one swing with the Bio Cell driver and you'll see the difference. It's distance.

Bio Cell isn't just a cool, edgy name. Bio Cells are an integral part of the new clubs that remove weight from the face and reposition it low and back to provide a larger effective sweet zone which results in longer and straighter drives, even on off-center hits. In addition, the Bio Cells remove weight from the crown and face providing a lower center of gravity and higher moment of inertia for faster ball speeds.

The Bio Cell+ ($399, pictured below) comes with a slightly smaller club head and lightweight venollum alloy crown to deliver an even lower center of gravity, giving the golfer a higher ball flight with lower back spin for even longer distance. All of this technical jargon means simply - these clubs are the longest they've ever produced. 


"We think we're longer than everybody. If you get fit in our products, the Bio Cell or the Bio Cell+, dial your loft in, pick a color and we think it beats everything out there," said Philion.

And thanks to engineers that are always looking for that next big thing that will make you the envy of your foursome, Cobra has announced a limited-edition green Bio Cell driver with the Masters right around the corner. Beginning March 15, only 2,014 units of the Masters edition driver will be available at select golf retailers around the world. Each driver is laser-marked from 0001 to 2014 on the sole for authenticity.

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There is also a women's Bio Cell driver available with all of the same technology in beetroot purple, desert flower and aqua splash. For more information or to make a purchase, check out Bio Cell products on Golf Galaxy, or visit Cobra Golf online.