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Hogan introduces Ft. Worth Black irons

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The Ben Hogan Golf Equipment Company has added Ft. Worth Black irons - an extension to the original Ft. Worth Irons - to its 2018 product line.

The new Ft. Worth Black forged-blade irons are designed for the proficient player and employ many of the same technologies as the original Ft. Worth Irons, but with added features including a durable Diamond Black Metal (DBM) coating, optimization of the Dynamic Progressive Weighting system and modification of the V-Sole design.

The company says the patented Diamond Black Metal (DBM) coating is seven times more durable than nickel chrome, meaning less wear and tear on the grooves and scorelines and superior scratch resistance. The dark finish also reduces glare and provides a stark contrast between the ball and club head for better alignment.

Ft. Worth Black irons generate a more penetrating ball flight on scoring irons, higher initial launch angles on long irons, and better distance control on off-center hits than their predecessor, the company says. They also feature Hogan's trademarked V-Sole Technology, which combines a high-bounce leading edge and low-bounce trailing edge on the sole.

As with all Ben Hogan irons, Ft. Worth Black irons can be customized at no charge. Golfers can specify length, lie, loft and grips (standard or mid-sized) as well as their choice of a variety of steel and graphite shafts.

Ft. Worth Black irons are available for demo or purchase at exclusively. Cost is $700 per seven-piece set (4-iron through pitching wedge) or $100 per club.