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Improve your feel with natural cork Salty Grips

Salty Grips
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If you're looking for a way to stand out on the greens, look no further than Salty Grips, the natural cork grip for your putter. Not only will they improve your feel, and in turn help you hole more putts, but everyone is sure to envy your stylish alternative to the traditional rubber grip.

Salty Grips, which are inspired by the cork grips most often associated with fishing poles, hold a few distinct advantages over their rubber counterparts, and while they may look a little out of place at first, after a few rounds, you won't even want to remember what your putter used to look like.

For starters, the cork used – from a special grove in Portugal – is 25 to 30 percent lighter than your typical putting grip, with the standard Mid-Plus Salty Grip weighing in at 40 grams. The patented lightweight design conforms to USGA rules and promotes true control over your stroke. Salty Grips also offers an oversized grip for golfers who want a bit more to hold on to.

One key feature of getting a Salty Grip is that in addition to the classy cork look, all of their grips are completely customizable with logos or text, so you can show off your individuality on the club you use most. 

And while they may look like they have durability issues, Salty Grips are designed to last a lifetime. If you ever feel your grip is becoming worn, just simply give it a light brush with fine-grit sandpaper to restore its original feel and hue.

Salty Grips start at $34.95, but they offer other apparel and trinkets on their website. For more information or to make a purchase, check out Salty Grips online.