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New putter grips are a real Winn-win

Winn Grips
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Fans of the U.S. Team cheers on the first hole during the Day Two Foursome Matches at the Muirfield Village Golf Club on October 4, 2013 in Dublin, Ohio. (Photo by Matt Sullivan/Getty Images)  - 

For many golfers, this is the time of year to check out the grips on their clubs, and think about replacing older, worn ones with newer, better performing models. Which is one very good reason why the folks at Winn are encouraging players to consider the new WinnPro X grip and an enhancement of its already popular Dri-Tac line.

The WinnPro X is a putter grip that utilizes a less tapered profile than most traditional designs to help eliminate wrist movement, which can cause putts to go off-line, while still delivering a comfortable, tacky feel, thanks to an Excel polymer and staggered tread pattern. It comes in three different sizes, 1.60 inches in diameter as well as 1.32 and 1.18 inches, and a variety of color combinations.

As for the new Dri-Tac, it boasts a navy color, and also is available in three sizes: standard, oversize and midsize. This product features Winn’s signature WinnDry polymer, and is designed to combine cushion, comfort and what the company calls superior “non-slip, all-weather performance.”