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Pinnacle goes for gold with new golf balls

Pinnacle Balls
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ORLANDO, FL - MARCH 16: Tiger Woods celebrates with his caddie Steve Williams after making a birdie on the 18th green to win the Arnold Palmer Invitational on March 16, 2008 at the Bay Hill Club and Lodge in Orlando, Florida. (Photo by Andy Lyons/Getty Images)  - 

The people at Pinnacle regularly turn to recreational golfers for feedback on how to make their products better. Seeking that kind of information from customers is a big part of the Pinnacle culture, and a hallmark of its parent, Acushnet. And company insiders say that input frequently drives the improvements they make in their offerings.

Consider the new Pinnacle Gold and Gold Ribbon golf balls as well as the Pinnacle Bling, all of which were recently rolled out. “Golfers love the powerful distance they get from any Pinnacle golf ball,” says Michael Mahoney, director of golf ball product management for Acushnet. “When we asked those golfers what improvements they liked to see, they said they wanted the same outstanding distance with even softer feel. That was our design goal, and that is what R&D delivered.”

According to Mahoney, the new Pinnacle Gold and Gold Ribbon is a two-piece ball with a high-velocity, softer-compression core that is made to provide even longer distance with a consistent flight for better carry. In addition, it incorporates a softer core with a soft ionomer cover blend to produce a softer feel, especially on finesse shots around the green.

The new Pinnacle Gold is available in two color options, bright white and high optix yellow, while the Pinnacle Gold Ribbon comes in bright white. Gold Ribbon golf balls are also imprinted with the Susan G. Komen Foundation pink “running ribbon” logo in support of breast cancer awareness.

At the same time, the ball maker has released Pinnacle Bling, which Mahoney says is designed to give golfers standout performance from Tee to Green as well as an updated palette of high optix colors that include white pink, yellow and orange in new pearlescent finishes.