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Sneak peek: Switch your game with SwitchGrips

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Golf club customization is at an all-time high. If you can't change a piece of equipment so that it not only performs to your liking, but also looks exactly how you want it to in the process, then rest assured there is a company out there working on it. One of those companies is SwitchGrips, which promises both performance and a cutting-edge look ... over and over again.

With SwitchGrips, you can switch your putter grip in a matter of minutes without the assistance of a professional. In fact, you could switch the size, weight and color as many times as you want without ever cutting off another grip. This innovation of the putter grip is what could take your flatstick to the next level. The never before seen SwitchGrip technology is patent pending and has received preliminary USGA approval. SwitchGrip prototypes were at the Players Championship in early May and received rave reviews from pros, their caddies and other equipment manufacturers.   


"As a semi-pro golfer I am constantly playing charity and local professional events… I wanted to match my grey ostrich belt to my shoes and thought it would be really great to match my putter grip as well.  My wife told me if I wrapped my grip in ostrich I better never cut it off – meaning I'd have to live with it forever. That is when SwitchGrips was born," said Eddie Rogacki, president and founder of SwitchGrips. "I sat with engineers, designers, and consultants and I feel that the accessory aspect, which allows the golfer to take the grip off and replace or reuse it as often as they'd like, is second only to the technology. The adjustable counter-balance feature allows the golfer to change the weight from 0 to 5 grams, 10 grams, 15 grams and 20 grams – giving the player the opportunity to have a fully-customizable putter grip.

"The sky is the limit, we've been so blessed. Doors continue to open and I can't wait to show this off at the 2015 PGA Trade Show in Orlando."  

SwitchGrips and an accompanying website are scheduled to launch late this summer. For more information on this product, you can email