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Sun Mountain carry bag cart friendly

Sun Mountain Superlight 3.5
Getty Images

As a rule, carry bags are meant to be carried. But golfers sometimes have to strap them to carts, and that’s when all hell breaks loose, with bag tops cocked sideways, stand legs splayed in all directions and pockets pinned so tightly against vehicles they are all but inaccessible.

Bad enough that walkers aren’t able to hoof it every time they tee it up. They also have to suffer the hassle, to say nothing of the indignity, of enduring an entire round with a golf bag as ill fitting in its place on the cart as it is inefficient.

Sun Mountain is addressing that problem with a new version of its popular Superlight 3.5 carry bag. Sun Mountain, which is based in Missoula, Mont., first made its mark in golf in 1986 when it brought out the original stand-up golf bag.

The Superlight comes with several features designed to make it more cart friendly even as it retains many of the characteristics that has made it Sun Mountain’s best-selling bag.

Weighing only 4.7 pounds and available in nine color combinations, the Superlight 3.5 features a four-way divided top with three handholds so it is easier to lift the bag on and off the cart.

It also boasts a lock to secure the stand bag’s legs and keep them tight. In addition, the bag has a re-designed – and re-shaped – bottom that allows it to stand straight as opposed to being positioned sideways and tucks the trigger mechanism for those legs into a spot where they are not activated when strapped onto a cart.

In addition, Sun Mountain put a strap slot on the Superlight 3.5 that keeps the bag from twisting as it also ensures that all seven of its pockets are easy to access.

It’s enough to make riding for walkers almost bearable.