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Taylor Made offers 'Twist Face' with new drivers

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TaylorMade is introducing the latest addition to its M family, the M3 and M4 – lines that include irons, rescue clubs, fairway metals and drivers.

The M3 irons (suggested retail price, $1,000) and M4 irons ($900) both showcase “Ribcor” technology, support beams that stretch from the topline to the backbar in an effort to make the clubs less flexible. Wisdom is, the beams will make the toe and heel more rigid and allow the club slots in the face and sole to provide more flexibility in the contact area.

The M4 is a higher-launching iron while the M3 is a more compact model. Click here for more information from TaylorMade.

On the driver side, the M3 ($499) is an adjustable model with moveable weights on the sole. The M4 ($429) isn’t customizable but offers a high-MOI design. Both models incorporate what TaylorMade calls its twisted titanium face plate.

The Twist Face design is to offset mis-hits on the toe and heel. Company techs determined that in order to help players more, having a back bend in the high-toe area allowed for more loft on balls struck there (to aid in hooks or pulls), while a low-heel area bends down and left, to allow for less spin (to aid in slices right). Click here for more information.