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TaylorMade offering up new putter, balls

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TaylorMade announced a number of new products for 2012 on Wednesday, including seven new putters, a wedge and three golf ball models. Building on the success of the Ghost finish in its drivers and putters, the company introduced the Ghost Manta and Ghost Tour putter series.

The Ghost Manta is a one-piece, mallet-shaped putter designed to offer high momentum of inertia (MOI), similar to the Ghost Spider in a traditional style. It has two 50-gram tungsten weights on the heel and toe to improve distance and accuracy on off-center hits. To produce topspin quicker, the Pure Roll insert is in the face.

The new Ghost Tour line is a set of six putters - three mallets and three blades - which utilize the white finish. Five of the six models will incorporate adjustable sole weights, which can be changed using the same wrench supplied for TaylorMade’s other adjustable products.

TaylorMade studies suggest that 65 percent of golfers do not square the putter face to the target from 12 feet. It says the updated matte Ghost finish will help golfers align themselves and the clubface to the putt.

The Manta retails for $179 in standard-length versions and $199 for belly and long putters. All six Tour models will retail for $159.

With the introduction of its ATV (All-Terrain Versatility) wedges, TaylorMade believes the bounce number is no longer relevant. It designed the curves and grinds of its wedges at the toe, heel and trailing edge, so as to provide optimal shot making based on the club position in the stance and at address. The curves change based on the loft of the wedge, as well.

“Prior to the introduction of the ATV, the wedge is a piece of equipment that traditionally forces a player to sacrifice a certain shot type,” said Brian Bazzel, the product creation manager for irons, putters and wedges. “The ATV wedge is engineered to perform beautifully on a multitude of different types of shots, including chips, pitches, sand shots, full shots from fairway, out of the rough, off hardpan, flop shots and bump-and-runs.”

The line will retail for $119 per wedge.

Two years after the introduction of the Penta, the company's five-piece golf ball, it is releasing the Penta TP3 and TP5.

The TP3 is, in fact, a three-piece model designed to increase spin while maintaining distance. The ball shares the same cast urethane cover as the TP5 model, which offers soft feel and more spin.

The TP5 retains its five-layer construction but has reduced core compression by 28 percent to offer less spin off the driver and increased spin with scoring clubs. Most TaylorMade players will use the ball this year.

The Rocketballz golf ball is a complement to the drivers, fairway woods and hybrids bearing the same name. The three-piece ball offers a React core, designed to increase distance, while the Speedmantle second layer helps add spin with longer irons.

In February, the TP5 will retail for $45.99 per dozen, the TP3 for $34.99 per dozen, and a dozen Rocketballz will be priced at $26.99.