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TYLT Power Case keeps phone charged on course

Energi sliding case
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With all of the new golf technology available on your smart phone, there's a good chance you could run out of battery power on the course or driving range, leaving you stranded without distances to the pin or virtual swing analysis. But thanks to TYLT's new iPhone 5 Energi Sliding Power Case, that problem is a thing of the past.

Each Energi Sliding Power Case comes with a built-in, rechargeable 2500mAh lithium ion battery, which will more than double the existing battery life of the phone, as well as two additional slim-line cases, (one black, one colored) which change out quickly so you're able to maintain your style on and off the course. With all of these extra slide-ons you would think the phone would grow bulky and heavy but because of TYLT's top-of-the-line technology, the case adds just over 3 ounces and 9 millimeters to the device, rendering it virtually unnoticeable, except of course for the jazzy new color and extra battery life.

The Energi Sliding Power Case was also made to allow your phone to perform all of the normal daily activities you put it through without the hassle of taking it off and putting it back on. With the included micro-USB cable you can charge, sync and transfer data. It also features a microphone and speaker portal so you can participate in a conference call or listen to music with the case on.

TYLT offers the Energi Sliding Power Case for the iPhone 5 in red, green or blue with a one-year limited warranty for $99.00. For those who don't have an iPhone 5, TYLT has plenty of other neat products, including a power case for the Samsung Galaxy S III, a plethora of other cases for all kinds of smart phones, car chargers, portable speakers, a charging backpack and so much more. To make a purchase or for more information, check out TYLT online.