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7th Inning Stretch - Quick questions with the Atlanta Braves

jeff francoeur
Jeff Francoeur, outfielder
2007 National League Gold Glove winner. In 2006 became just the third player in Braves' history to record a 100-RBI season before his 23rd birthday.
Handicap index: 5 What role does golf play in your life?
Jeff Francoeur: Oh man, I love love golf! Ive played since I was three. My dad played for the golf team at Vanderbilt and my brother played for Georgia Southern, so golf is pretty big in our family. I love to have competitions with them. What's your dream foursome?
Francoeur: Tiger Woods, George Bush, Charles Barkley. I love his show on the Golf Channel Man, its hilarious to see his swing. I wish it were uncensored so I could hear everything hes saying (laughs). Which is tougher, golf or baseball?
Francoeur: Consistently, Id say baseball. Most of those guys [on Tour] go out and shoot something under par on a regular basis. They might not win every tournament, but theyre shooting 69 or 70 most days. With baseball, if you get a hit three out of 10 at-bats, youre doing a good job. 30% of the time youre successful. Thats pretty tough. What can a baseball player learn from someone like Tiger Woods?
Francoeur: Ive always tried to emulate Tigers focus, how hes able to get in that zone 30 seconds before he hits a shot. In baseball you have to start preparing when youre on deck. You cant just step into the batters box and think youre ready. Tiger gives you three a side. Take it or leave it?
Francoeur: (Laughs) Last time we played he made eight birdies at Isleworth and I shot 77. Im probably going to ask him for four a side next time. Which do you prefer, batting practice or the range?
Francoeur: BP, for sure. I hate the range. Ill go to the practice green to work on my putting and chipping, but not the range. Id rather get out on the golf course.

clint sammons
Clint Sammons, catcher
Played high school baseball with Jeff Francoeur, and played collegiately at Georgia. He was the starting quarterback and catcher for high school state championship teams.
Handicap index: 20 Whos the best golfer on the team?
Clint Sammons: Francoeur, although Derek Lowe is new, and I hear he hits it a mile. What's your dream foursome?
Sammons: Tiger Woods, my brother, Jack Nicklaus. Who needs more time in the cage, and less time on the range?
Sammons: Francoeur. Funniest moment on the golf course?
Sammons: Up in Myrtle Beach this guy in the group in front of us asked this cart girl to stop and watch him hit his tee shot. Everyone was watching. He ended up shanking it directly at her cart. She had to duck out of the way. Everyone was dying laughing. Why do you play golf?
Sammons: I play for a break from baseball. I love playing in the off-season or during spring training just to get away for a while. Ive been living out at Reunion, and they have such great courses there. Theyre always good about getting us out on the course. Do you take your competitive spirit to the golf course?
Sammons: Not really, actually. I enjoy the mental side of it, and when Jeff [Francoeur] gives me a stroke a hole I will get into that competitive mode. Otherwise I just enjoy playing to relax. What are the similarities between golf and baseball?
Sammons: Theres a lot of down time in both, thats for sure (laughs). Maybe thats why us players like it so much. But also, I think theres a big mental part to it. You have to concentrate if you want to be good at it. Which PGA Tour player are you most like?
Sammons: Davis Love III. Were both laid back southern frat guys.