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Tom Doaks first golf course in Mexico

Tom Doak, designer of more than 30 golf courses worldwide, has completed his first golf course in Mexico ' Bahia de los Sueos (Bay of Dreams). The 18-hole golf course is the centerpiece of a 4,300-acre residential resort located 35 miles southeast of La Paz along the coast of the Sea of Cortez.
Doaks Bay of Dreams project comes at a time when golf course construction is at a slow drip for economic reasons, and his trademark minimalist style of course design should keep maintenance costs down. Most notable is his use of paspalum grass, which requires about half the amount of irrigation water than other courses in the area not using paspalum. Its Doaks first project utilizing such grass, which plays similarly to Bermuda, but is a darker, more attractive shade of green.
[Paspalum] works well not only with saltwater but it works well with what we call bad water, Doak said, adding that nearly every site Ive been on in the last five years says their water quality is not all that great. From that perspective I think the paspalum is the wave of the future in warm season areas.
The resort officially opens in 2010, and while a planned hotel is not yet under construction, prospective homebuyers who visit the site are invited to stay at Gran Sueo, a family compound with 14 rooms and eight villas.