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'Arnie' line designed to reflect Palmer's style

Arnold Palmer
Getty Images

Arnold Palmer Enterprises and Quagmire Golf cloth have developed a new clothing line called “Arnie,” designed to reflect Palmer’s classic look from the 1950s through the 1970s.

They found the PGA Tour player they believe is perfect for the look – Ryan Moore.

Moore is a throwback, even wearing a skinny tie with a cardigan sweater on occasion. He will wear the “Arnie” collection on Tour and make marketing appearances for the company.

“Mr. Palmer is among my all-time idols as a golfer and a person, so competing in these clothes and being so closely associated with his style legacy is a dream come true,” Moore said. “The research that went into each piece is really evident and when you combine those timeless elements with advanced technical fabrics you’ve got something great.”

The collection was developed in part by going through Palmer’s personal library of photographs. It will be distributed this year over six months, with three styles – the 1950s (fitted pants and tops, small collars and shorter sleeves); the 1960s (wider pant legs and collars); and the 1970s (slightly wider collars, with gray as the signature color).

Geoff Tait, creative director for Arnie and Quagmire, said Moore was on everyone’s list to wear the clothes.

“He truly gets our vision and is a dapper guy who’s always moving mainstream menswear trends onto the fairways,” Tait said.