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Kentwool socks make great stocking stuffers

Kentwool socks
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Not all socks are created equal. And when it comes to golf socks, Kentwool doesn't sock, er, suck.

As golfers continue to fine-tune their equipment, workout routines, diet and beyond, every little detail matters. If you think about it, socks are as integral a part of the process as anything else.

'When feet get fatigued, everything else gets fatigued,' explains Kentwool President and CEO Mark Kent.

While Kentwool socks help golfers stay focused and energized on the course, they're also a high performance lifestyle sock off the course. With the recent release of their '19th hole collection,' Kentwool has opened up an entirely new market they never foresaw - college kids who love the bold colors and stripes.

Try a pair of Kentwool socks today, and we promise you'll never tire of them. Plus, they'd make great s(t)ocking stuffers this holiday season.

Watch Win McMurry talk with Kentwool President and CEO Mark Kent at the PGA Expo in Las Vegas.