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Time to shape up for golf season

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A grand total of one man was in the lineup this morning at my BodyPump class at my local YMCA. That’s not to say the workout room was empty. Close to 60 women of all ages, shapes and sizes packed the gym with barbells, weights and aerobic steps. The woman next to me turned to me and said, “it’s bathing suit season alright.”

That got me thinking, not only is it bathing suit season in most parts of the country it’s also golf season. And just like women are anxious to get in shape for the perfect fitting swim suit, finding the perfect fit for attire for summer days at the course is also top of mind.

A quick Google search for “golf fashion for women” today didn’t provide many interesting posts. But, I did come across an article by Fox News in 2003 that referenced a quote by Mariah Carey saying that she’d like to start a golf apparel line for women, a line of “sexy women’s golf clothes.”

Carey admitted later she was just kidding, but the article, now eight years old, is still relevant. Golf apparel for women has come a long way in the last decade, but is still screaming for more attention, not just from designers and manufacturers, but from those of us actually playing in the clothes.

Watching the ShopRite LPGA Classic this past week, I remember one outfit that stood out. It’s probably not a surprise that it was on Natalie Gulbis, but I was drawn to it because it flattered her shape and didn’t cover her up or overwhelm her. Adidas is her fashion statement of choice and while Adidas is known for its sporty functional appeal, Gulbis finds ways to make the line work for her figure. Whatever your choice of clothing is the key is the right fit.

In addition to Adidas that we at Golf Channel are fortunate to wear when on the course, I enjoy wearing a ladies brand called Birdy and Grace, as well as collared shirts by Tory Burch, Ralph Lauren (RLX) and others. But rarely do I wear these clothes off-the-rack. That’s not because they aren’t fitted correctly, it’s because everyone’s body is different. Just look around your local gym!

I take my golf apparel to my local tailor and have my them fitted. Whether it’s the hem of a skort adjusted for my frame or the sleeves of a polo shortened for my swing, the result is golf clothing that fits me correctly and makes me feel comfortable in the way they appear and the way they function on the course.

Like the women in the gym looking to get their bodies in shape for their bikinis, the key for a good golf course look could just be putting a little muscle into altering what you already have.