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Trends coming soon to a golf shop near you

Jack Nicklaus
Getty Images

LAS VEGAS – It’s the city of sin. A mirage in the desert that encompasses life’s indulgencies. From the showgirls to the swanky high rise hotels that are more gaudy and grandiose than elegant and refined, there is nothing “gentlemanly” about the city unless of course you’re referring to the club – and I don’t mean golf clubs.

However, at the end of each summer golf’s elite sweep in for a visit in this city of dancing lights and take one definition of a “chip” and merge it with another. The result is a fast and furious exhibition of the golf industry’s biggest bets and latest gambles in the area of golf apparel, equipment and golf aids.

I navigated the PGA Expo aisles at the Venetian convention center and compiled the trends that will be coming soon to a golf shop near you, because it’s not true what they say: What happens in Vegas doesn’t have to stay there. Click to view photo gallery.

Jack Nicklaus