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Annika Rained Out - But Ready

FT. WORTH, Texas -- She got rained out -- again.
Annika Sorenstam tried to play her pro-am round Wednesday, but suffered the same fate she did Tuesday when she tried to play a casual round with Jesper Parnevik, Sergio Garcia and Tim Clark. Rains cut her round short Tuesday. And the same thing happened Wednesday -- showers -- after she got in 10 holes.
I wasnt really keeping score, but (I shot) level, plus-1, something like that, she reported. I had a good team so I didnt have to finish on every hole.
Well, actually she DID have to finish every hole. Thats the method of play on the PGA Tour. She didnt finish because she wasnt aware she had to.
Oh, was I? she asked. Well, we dont have to do that on my tour, so I guess Ive got to learn the rule over here.
Thursday is the day she can have no more excuses. Shes scheduled on the tee at 8:58 local time, with tour pros Dean Wilson and Aaron Barber.
Dont remind me, she said, obviously getting a bit weary of all the pre-tournament hype which has surrounded her appearance.
Obviously, Im very happy to be here. Tomorrow (Thursday) is the day Ive been waiting for for a long time. Im excited. I just hope it clears up a little bit and I can enjoy it.
Her score of right around par came as a surprise to a lot of people. Many predicted she would shoot scores in the 75-80 range when the tournament begins Thursday. In Las Vegas, the over-under score was 76.5. Par at Colonial is 70.
The highlight of her round came on the long (246 yard) par-3 fourth, where her ball dropped in for a 2 after a driver and a 40-foot chip.
It was pretty sweet, said Sorenstam, but my team didnt use my score. One guy made a 2 for a 1 (with a handicap stroke).
The rains have softened the course considerably, which makes the ball tend to stick after it hits the ground.
The course is obviously playing much longer, almost 300 yards total, she said. So the only good news is that the greens are softer so I can fire more at the flag. So Ill do my best. Im going to hit a few longer clubs than I expected. But luckily I got them in my bag, so well see what happens.
So her preparation ends, with her just getting to play one practice round in March and two incomplete rounds here this week. But Annika feels it is enough.
Yeah, I cant prepare anymore, she said. Ive been waiting for this day for a long time. Ive been practicing a lot the last few months and I want the day to come. Its here. So whatever happens, happens.
Still, the more she plays Colonial, the better she likes it.
The more Im around everything and getting used to the guys, its just going to make me feel real comfortable, she said.
Her game, then, is where she wants it as the big day approaches?
Yes, it is, she said with a smile.
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