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Arnold Palmer Comments on the ERC Driver

Arnold Palmer explained his stance on the Callaway ERC driver by saying he is simply for people enjoying the game of golf. That enjoyment is one thing when playing in competition or for a handicapped score. It is quite another thing when playing a few holes with one's spouse, for example, - a 'recreational golfer.'

'I'm not recommending that people use a nonconforming golf club in competition,' said Palmer. 'But for people who go out and enjoy the game of golf - recreational golfers - if they want to use a nonconforming club, if they want to use a baseball bat, whatever they want to use, I think that's their privilege if it makes the game a little more fun for them to play.'
Palmer made the remarks on The Golf Channel's Golf Talk Live show Monday night.
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The ERC has been banned by the United States Golf Association. It has been upheld for competitive play by the Royal and Ancient Golf Club Society.
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