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Green Prepares for Cancer Fight

TOLEDO, Ohio -- Hubert Green is scheduled to begin treatment for cancer of the tongue and throat Monday in Gainesville, Fla., after competing Sunday in the U.S. Senior Open. He isnt sure when he will be able to play in another golf tournament. His treatment will last for six weeks, which includes radiation and chemotherapy.
I cant fear whats going on, Green said. Its the hand I was dealt and Ive got the two best doctors (Nick Cassis and Bill Mendenhall), the Tiger Woods and Jack Nicklaus of doctoring, working on me.
Green couldnt concentrate on his golf at the Open, not surprising considering what he is facing.
Its frustrating because Ive hit a lot of good shots, he said. But mentally, I cant keep my focus like I should.
Ive had problems with my focus since Ive been a senior player, whether its my age or because Im a diabetic or what. Now, with this stuff going on, it just adds to it. I love this golf course (Inverness) and I love Turnberry (home of the Senior British Open July 14-27). Im going to miss it. But thats the way it is.
Tom Watson's caddie, Bruce Edwards, walked his last tournament at the U.S. Senior Open. Edwards has ALS and Watson said Edwards was 'struggling. He is struggling.'
From now on, Edwards will take advantage of a cart. 'He said, 'I am on the cart the rest of the year,'' said Watson. 'Next week is the cart, the next tournament I play after that is probably going to be The Tradition, maybe a tournament before - I'm not sure.'
Watson doesn't want to speculate when Edwards can no longer work as his caddie. 'I think his wife, Marsha, will make that decision for him,' said Watson. 'I think she is strong enough to say, 'Bruce, it's time.''
Craig Stadler won the U.S. Amateur at Inverness in 1973, but says there is little to remind him of that week here now.
Its a completely different golf course and my game is completely different, said Stadler. Everybodys game is completely different.
The Jack Nicklaus of old finally appeared after three initial rounds in which he had shot 11-over par. Nicklaus shot a 2-under 69 Sunday, including a 32 on the back side.
This course is so difficult at the start, particularly 3, 4 and 5, he said. And sure enough, after five holes today, I was 3-over.
It just all depends on how much you get down on yourself. But it was nice to shoot at least one decent round for the week. I played lousy, but I finished pretty good on the last 10 holes.
The difference was a change in his setup.
I have been very steep, he said. In an effort to play left-to-right, Ive been working on staying open. I found myself getting too steep and not getting any power. So I just kind of pulled my leg back and shallowed out my swing and tried to hit my ball a little bit more in the rear end.
I sort of lost confidence the end of the round yesterday, and I lost confidence at the end of the round today. But that just comes from having not played enough. I finally got to the point that when I wanted to put some heat on the ball, I was able to put some heat on the ball.
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