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Notes Charitable Wie Annikas Failed Test

USGANEWPORT, R.I. -- Those who are very vocal in their opinions of Michelle Wie will be happy to know that she has heard them loud and clear. A number of people very clearly are anti-Wie.
But, she says, her motive never has been merely to get all the money she can, for her personal benefit. Michelle says she is deeply attuned to one particular segment of society ' those who are hospitalized.
I really support childrens hospitals. If people are sick, we should help them to get cured, she says, and indicating that she already has donated impressive sums of money to that cause. I think thats not fair whatsoever to be with a cure and to know that you can be fixed but not have the money to ' and no one is going to help you.
I really support childrens hospitals because children are the future of the world. I really think they should be given the chance, the same chance Ive been given to be (healthy) and carry on the same dreams that Im living out.
During a question-and-answer session Tuesday, Annika Sorenstam committed the faux pas of not knowing which player holds the all-time record for majors won. Sorenstam, who herself has won nine majors, answered, Mickey Wright.
She was wrong. The record-holder is Patty Berg, who has won 15 majors.
Lorena Ochoa makes it a point to go to the weekly meeting of LPGA players on Tuesdays where they sit and talk about things spiritual ' and some things not so spiritual. We talk to each other about what everybody is going through, she said. It can be inside the golf course or problems or health issues or family issues. And that helps us, to have a good friendship with others and care about other people and giving your time to others. Because the life out there is tough.
For me, that time, the fellowship is a really good time just to talk to other players and feel good and also kind of understand each other.
Morgan Pressel was a recent guest on the Conan OBrian show, and she said there were no surprises. The same questions, she said. But it was fun. I didnt meet him until I walked on stage, and that was the last I talked to him. Those five minutes were the only contact that I had. It was a different experience.
It might be an insular way of thinking, it might be close-minded in a sense, but Karrie Webb understands why the LPGA needs some of the Americans to do well. I think thats what the LPGA has been needing the last five or six years to create a lot more interest from not just the golf community ' but outside the golf community, said Webb, who is an Australian.
I think its unfair in a way, but I can see why everyone has gotten really excited about it.
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