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Snowballs and Golf Balls This is Fun

Ah, golf with the sun burning down on your backside, a gentle breeze mussing your hair, Mother Nature serenely assaulting the senses from all corners. Yes, golf is a warm-weather game!
Well - maybe golf isnt so warm-weather. Rick Robinson doesnt necessarily think so. He lives in Rochester, Frozen-Sota ' er, Minnesota - and golf is an entirely different animal this time of year from what it is in sunny Florida. Heres what he wrote last week:
Had a break in the weather yesterday, as it reached 41 degrees in the afternoon. Actually had to shed the coat for a short time.
1: Wind shields (front and back). Once we even put one on one side in lieu of a cart wrap-a-round cover. Seriously thinking of getting one however;
2: Warm gloves and a stocking hat (a dickey is good to have along);
3: Long johns;
4: Turtle-neck;
5: Rain gear (seems to hold heat well, and loose fitting);
6: Coffee (Amaretto or Baileys for creamer);
7: Hammer and 10 penny nail (to get tee in the ground);
8: Three other golf enthusiasts (OK - crazy golfers);
9: A course that is still open;
Keep hands reasonably warm (some use hand warmers). Same applies to balls - take them indoors at night.
NOTE: Scores don't change all that much than golfing in July. British-style play is the norm. (Ever see a golf ball bounce ten to fifteen feet in the air when it hits a green? It happens.) Bump and run. My partner says the additional clothing actually shortens up his swing and he hits it better.
We can play until the snow cover sends us home. The last couple of years, snow cover hasn't come along til Jan/Feb.
Like I said, it pays to be a little crazy.

Oh.... its getting colder. Last weekend we played in 30 degree weather and a 22 degree windchill. Now THAT is loving the game.
Rick plays a game with which I am not familiar, to paraphrase Mr. Robert Tyre Jones. If its below 60 degrees, I dont go out. In Florida, there are too many nice days you can play.
In Minnesota, a nice day this time of year might be 35 degrees. Some people ski, some people go in for dog-sleds, some people ice-skate or do a little curling while some masochists golf.
How much do you love the game? Move to Rochester and prove it.
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