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Sutton Criticizes Caddie Position

Hal Sutton became a member of the PGA Tour's policy board last year and he says he firmly believes in the new ShotLink system. The strong resistance from the caddies toward the system puzzles Sutton.
'I cannot figure that one out,' Sutton said. 'To me, they are making more money than they ever made. I will relate it to being narrow-minded. It will give us a better product, which in turn sells for more money, which means we play for more money, which in turn they will make more money because they all work on commission. It does not take a rocket scientist to do the numbers. I think it is just short-sighted on their part. They do not want to work real hard. They got used to not working real hard.'
Sutton is competing in this week's Genuity Championship, where he is tied for second through two rounds.
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