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CAPITALIZE CITY, Fla. -- If the article is for an event, use the logo for that event in the top left. If the article is being written from on-site, include a dateline as formatted here.
Some guidleines for article links:
- Use a player's name as a link to his bio if the article is about him or her. If his name is the first word in the article and it is almost exclusively about him or her, use a seperate Navigation Link (at the end of the article). You can look up page and select keys for bio links using the search function.
- Do not overload the article with player bio links. The five top players mentioned should be enough.
- Use special links for certain pages: majors Mini Sites, Tiger.
- Link to swing coach Bios: Butch Harmon, Rick Smith, etc.
- Limit Article Links (the ones in the body of articles) to five per page.
- Link to other news stories we've covered being mentioned in the article. (See 6506 for example.)
- In preview articles, use only one Navigation Link: [NAME] Tour Statistical Preview ' that goes to preview link found on statistics page for that tour.
- When linking to Full Field, Tee Times or other statistical links from TSN, use generic tour name rather than event name. Example: PGA Tour Tee Times
- Make all Navigation Links bold.
- In General News articles, use this example to link to search results:
More on Ty Tryon
- Avoid the use of 'Check out...'.
Images guidelines:
- The first image goes halfway down the first page on the right. If the article is two pages, the second image goes on the top of the next page on the right.
- Use discretion to place images next to paragraphs about those pictured.
- In article Paging, use this standard: Continued[insert more descriptive text if desired]
- For preview articles,