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Wadkins Win Just One More Telltale Sign for Seniors

Proof that the Senior Tour is an entity all its own takes no more than a glance at the most recent winner. Bobby Wadkins was the victor on his very first try.
Dont try to project Tiger Woods, David Duval and Phil Mickelson as winners when they turn 50. It could very well be Robin Freeman, Edward Fryatt and Paul Goydos who are mopping up.
Look whos doing the Senior Shuffle at the moment ' Gil Morgan, Jose Maria Canizares, Allen Doyle, Bruce Fleisher, Dana Quigley, Doug Tewell, Jim Thorpe, Bob Gilder, Mike McCullough. That group, along with a couple whom you would expect to do well ' Hale Irwin and Larry Nelson ' have been the standouts among the Seniors.
Tom Kite and Tom Watson have also done well, though not nearly as well as expected. Lanny Wadkins has been a disappointment. Throw in John Mahaffey, Hubert Green those are the guys, based on number of wins on the junior tour, who would have been expected to tear the Senior Tour right out of their golf carts.
Then along comes a Bobby Wadkins, winning in his very first outing. That means either:
A. Bobby is a lot better than we thought;
B. The Senior Tour is a lot worse than any of us thought;
C. There is an enormous dropoff in talent between the age of 50 and 51;
D. None of the above.
I am inclined to think the final answer is D. Something fishy is going on, admittedly. But Wadkins got a win, a win that he certainly deserved, and now it is up to the historians to ponder the hows and whys.
Does this indicate a new winning career for Wadkins? It certainly didnt for his brother Lanny, who won his first time out in 2000. Lanny won quickly, then succumbed to nagging injuries and hasnt been much of a factor since then.
I, for one, have given up trying to figure out the Seniors. You just dont know what a mans motivation will be. That is why I doubt that Greg Norman, for example, will make a serious dent in the Senior Tour in a few years. People talk about Ben Crenshaw, who becomes eligible next year, Craig Stadler, who is eligible in two years. They point to the 43-year-olds, that magical group of Nick Faldo, Nick Price, Ian Woosnam, Seve Ballesteros, Sandy Lyle, Bernhard Langer, Mark OMeara. That group isnt going to be highly motivated to come out and match drivers with the likes of an Allen Doyle, a Dana Quigley or a Doug Tewell.
Meanwhile, a Gary Koch, an Ed Fiori, a Keith Fergus or a Ron Streck could be the next Senior standout. Those are the guys who never won that often when they were juniors. They are the ones that will be the Bobby Wadkins of tomorrow.
If a man can use the money, the Senior Tour awaits. Those who have won enough that it is just another dollar, piled up on top of countless other dollars, cant really be bothered when it comes to the Seniors. What can it mean for the older gents' circuit?
What do you think about the future of the Senior PGA Tour?
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