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White Ice is red hot

Nearly 10 years after its introduction, the Odyssey 2-Ball continues to rack up big sales for Callaway Golf. And the California equipment maker tries to keep that streak going with 10 new iterations of the popular put­ter. Each carries a street price of $180, is plated with a lustrous, dark-nickel finish, and comes with a white, multi-material insert that gives this series of putters its name – White Ice.

The new 2-Ball has an insert that is 20 percent firmer than in previous models.
What’s new about this offer­ing? Start with the insert, which Odyssey principal putter designer Austie Rollinson says is 20 percent firmer than those in previous models.

“We also worked with the acoustics so the insert is a little louder,” he adds. “Those moves came largely as a result of developments we are seeing in golf balls due to rule changes regarding iron and wedge grooves. The balls, in some cases, are becoming softer so players may retain more spin and control around the greens. We reacted by making the inserts in the White Ice line firmer and stiffer for more consistent and enhanced feel, sound and responsiveness.”

The new nickel-plating, which the company says was inspired by feedback from Callaway tour pro­fessionals, is a first-time feature of the White Ice series. So is the weight port in the sole.

“We wanted to bring something to the 2-Ball other companies had previously brought to their put­ters, which is the ability to adjust weight,” Rollinson says. “The stan­dard weight we offer is 350 grams, but players will also have the ability to go up to 360 grams, and 370, if they want.”

What has not changed, Rollinson asserts, is the alignment benefits the 2-Ball design provides as well as the consistent roll that comes from a center of gravity low and deep in the head and the eye-catching shapes and shaft configurations of the latest models.

He expects it to be a hit for a while longer.

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