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After Brexit vote, Team Europe will keep same flag

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Sorry, Americans, but Europe’s Ryder Cup team won’t be affected this year because of the Brexit, the historic referendum on Thursday in which Great Britain's citizens voted to leave the European Union.

Instead, it will be business as usual for this year’s matches at Hazeltine, according to’s UK-based website.

“In terms of the flag flown to represent the European Ryder Cup team, we consider that the blue and gold flag of Europe represents the continent of Europe and, as a broad symbol of Europe as a whole, we therefore plan to continue to use it,” a European Tour spokesperson told

“The criteria for being European in Ryder Cup terms is a geographical one, from countries who make up the continent of Europe, not a political or economic one. Therefore the result of the UK referendum has no bearing in Ryder Cup qualification terms."

The Tour told that the EU’s recognizable yellow ring of stars on the blue background will remain front and center as it has in the past. The Tour was not prepared to discuss any other changes as many more details need to be sorted out since the vote to leave just happened.