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Barkley says he'll switch to playing left-handed

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After all this time, Charles Barkley may have finally found the cure for the hitch in his golf swing - standing on the other side of the ball.

In the announce booth after his round at the American Century Championship on Saturday, Barkley disclosed that he will soon undergo right hip replacement surgery after having his left hip done after the American Century last year.

Once he's healthy, Barkley intends to set out down a new path.

"What I've been thinking about ... to be honest with you, and I've talked to Hank Haney a little bit, I think I'm never going to get over this mental thing swinging the golf club right-handed," he said.

"So, after I get better, I think I'm going to make a full attempt to play left-handed from here on out.

"I've tried every single thing in the world, and my wires are so screwed up in my head. Like, I have no idea what's going to happen ... when I get over the golf ball.

"So, I was thinking about it today. I started thinking about it yesterday. And I'm going to take the next year, and try to play lefty. It can't be any worse. It can't be any worse than it is right now."