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Bubba goes with the big stick ... but should he have?

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SHEBOYGAN, Wis. – The PGA of America reintroduced the Long Drive Competition at the PGA Championship last year with mixed results.

Bubba Watson hit 3-iron last year on the long drive hole (No. 10) at Valhalla, telling the media afterwards, “I want to practice the game of golf. I want to learn this golf course.”

Watson did hit driver on Tuesday on the long drive hole at Whistling Straits (No. 2), although he missed the fairway.

“I tied a bunch of people that missed the fairway. At least last year I hit the fairway,” Watson said.

“I gave it my best effort. I don't know if you know what No. 2 looks like, but it's pretty tight at 300-plus yards. For some reason they make golf courses longer, and then the farther you hit it, the tighter it gets. It doesn't make sense.”