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Campbell throws in 'eagle' at Oakmont from 160 yards

Getty Images

We've seen some solid shot-making so far this week at a course that demands precision from anyone hoping to contend for the U.S. Open.

But the "shot" of the week may have already happened ... on Wednesday.

Retired former U.S. Open champion, Michael Campbell, is at Oakmont as part of Fox Sports Asia's coverage of the year's second major, and found himself in the middle of the first fairway without clubs on the day before the tournament got underway. So what's a guy to do when he's got a chance to make eagle but lacks the traditional tools to do it?

If you're the guy who stared down Tiger Woods and came away with the U.S. Open trophy back in 2005, you use your bare hands.

Campbell threw his "second shot," and after rolling for what seems like forever, it found the bottom of the hole, about 160 yards away.

h/t to Golfweek